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Embrace Active Scar Therapy

Defy scars before they start with Embrace Active Scar Defense.

What is Embrace?

Developed by Stanford University researchers, Embrace® Active Scar Defense is the first device of its kind. Scars are significantly reduced when Embrace is used after surgery. Embrace is a silicone based device that is the only clinically-proven product to treat scar formation.

Embrace relieves tension off of your new scar, allowing it to heal in a tension-free environment. It’s easy-to-use, comfortable to wear, and is actively fighting scar formation 24 hours a day.

Dr. Tirre is one of the first plastic surgeons in Denver to offer Embrace!

How do Scars Form?

Scars are the result of the skin’s natural healing process. It begins as an inflammatory phase where reparative cells enter the area to initiate the healing process. This phase may last three to five days.

Scars then enter a proliferative phase where cells called fibroblasts rapidly divide to produce a matrix of collagen. This forms the structure for scar tissue to grown and fills in the gaps made by the wound.

Finally, once the wound is closed the scar tissue filling the wound is restructured and the newer, stronger collagen replaces the older collagen. Tension on the scar/incision at that phase can lead to wider, thicker, and darker scars.

How Does Embrace Work?

Embrace mechanically relieves the skin’s natural tension during the healing process. As noted above, tension is one of the leading causes of wider, thicker, and darker scars.

How Long is the Scar Treatment Plan and What is Involved?

The treatment course is typically 8 weeks long. Our nursing staff will apply the embrace product for you in our office, and you wear it for ten days. The next dressing is then applied in our office so it is ten days on and one day off from wearing it. There is no additional cost to have our nursing staff apply the scar therapy for the entire duration of the treatment plan.

Some patients may wish to change their dressings at home, and while we recommend you come in and allow our trained staff apply the product, we understand there are sometimes limitations on coming to the office. Below is an application video we recommend.


What Scars Can Embrace Scar Therapy Treat?

We use embrace for any type of scar to reduce the appearance following surgery. As long as the scar is not more than ten weeks old, embrace scar therapy can be started. We typically start treatment two –three weeks following surgery. We use it for everything from Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, to skin cancer lesion removals on the face or body, and hand injuries. Embrace can be used on virtually any scar with benefit.

How Can I Get Started?

Give our office a call at 303-832-3965 to speak with one of our coordinators about getting started on Embrace Scar Therapy.