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Back to School

Published on September 18, 2017 by

Ahhhh…the kids are back in school after a busy summer. Now it is time to focus on YOU!

So often we put ourselves last to take care of others and our obligations. Eventually that catches up with us and leaves us feeling unhappy, lacking confidence, and unwell.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to put yourself back at the top of the list and feeling great! Everyone knows, when mom is happy, everyone is happy!!

  1. Make Time to do Something You Love. This can be a walk, gardening, reading, or a bubble bath.
  2. Enjoy Time with Friends. It is always great to connect with a friend and catch up, share ideas, and just laugh.
  3. Just Say “No”. Set limits for yourself. Say “yes” to the things that fulfill and energize you and “no” to things that drain you and your energy. This will leave more time to pursue the things that bring you happiness.
  4. Set a Goal. Having a long-term goal, such as running a 5k, gives you focus and forces you to make time for yourself.

At Conrad J. Tirre, MD we offer many great ways to get some “me time”!

  1. Come in for a complimentary consultation for that procedure that you have been contemplating, perhaps a breast enlargement or mommy makeover. You will leave your consultation armed with information and a plan. Call today to make your appointment 303.832.3965.
  2. Or maybe you are interested in refreshing your appearance with cosmetic injections…Botox, Vollure, Voluma??? These procedures are quick and easy with results you see almost immediately. Also, you will have little to no downtime. You and a friend can come in for your injections, a nice lunch, and still be in plenty of time for the pick-up line at school.
  3. Want eyelashes that standout? How about trying Latisse, which is an easy, at home application. It will make your lashes fuller, longer, and thicker! Pick up a bottle at the office today, no prescription necessary!

Call us at 303.832.3965 or visit our website at www.conradtirremd.com for more information!

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