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Tendon Injuries Denver

Traumatic hand injuries – Tendon repair and reconstruction

Tendons can be injured by a traumatic laceration to the finger/hand and by jamming the finger. The more common extensor tendon injuries are called mallet finger and boutonniere deformity. These type of injuries usually occur when the finger is jammed by an object. Traumatic lacerations to the finger or hand can injure the tendon causing the finger or hand to become unable to function.

Dr. Tirre will evaluate the injury and decide whether an appropriate course of treatment would be splinting or surgery. Our on-site certified hand therapist can custom make a splint to hold the tendon in place until the healing is complete. If surgery is required to repair the tendon by stitches or pinning, we will establish a hand therapy protocol plan for ultimate recovery and ability to regain function of the finger. This hand therapy tendon protocol is essential to optimize the function of the finger and can all be done within Dr. Tirre’s office.

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